View Full Version : knoppix cd is taking too long to boot...

04-12-2007, 09:34 PM
hey, im new with all this knoppix software so bare with me! One of my hard drives recently became corrupt and refused to boot. I tried connecting it to an external enclosure but it appeared as "RAW" and now i have lost many files. After much research i heard that this knoppix CD could boot my HDD. However after booting it from my corrupt HDD it takes to long to "autoconfigure devices" and doesn't seem to complete, i left it on all night to see if it would complete the operation but to no avail, can someone please help me. thank you

Harry Kuhman
04-12-2007, 10:03 PM
..... can someone please help me. ....
It's not likely anyone can with the inforantion they have so far. You didn't tell anything about your hardware that might allow someone to figure out why the disc isn't booting properly, and we don't even know if you made the CD properly (checking the md5 sum and burning at low speed). So the only help I can offer at this point is to make sure you followed all the steps in the downloading faq and if you want others to help you, provide them enough information to try to do that.

And understand that while Koppix can very often recover data from Windows partitions that Windows fails to read, there can be problems that Knoppix can't help with, including Winsows erasing the data beyond recovery and hardware failures of the disk itself.