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05-05-2007, 02:18 PM
Hello Forum,

I do use Knoppix 5.1 on USB flash drive. Works perfect at office...

When I use it at home the keyboard doesn't work. Even if I enter "expert" for cheatcode. There is no reaction at all...
Both, at office and at home a standard PS/2 keyboard is connected to the computer.

Any idea, how to solve the problem?

Thank you guys!

Kaninchenbraten (bunny roast)

Harry Kuhman
05-05-2007, 06:56 PM
Does Knoppix work fine fron a CD on that system and just not work from USB?

What type of a USB "install" is it? Are you booting from a iso image of Knoppix (a.k.a. "poor man's install", or is this some kind of Knoppix actually installed to a disk system ? There are so many problems with installed knoppix that I choose not to get installed with that.

Where was this USB device created? Installed Knoppix systems tend to give up their Knoppix hardware detection capability but retain their problems with updating and other Knoppix quarks (worst of both worlds). Depending on the type of install, it may only work on the system it was created on.

What is the hardware that you are booting on. We don't seem to kmow anything except that it has a ps2 keyboard.

If the keyboard isn't working, how do you type in expert to boot into expert mode?

Are you sure that your home system fully supports booting from USB? Many systems don't. The HP notebook I'm on now does have a bios option for usb booting, but it does not work. A newer hp notebook has booted the same usb flash device that this computer fails on.

I would suggest trying to make an alternate Linux usb install and see if that works on your home system. DSL Linux has a nice setup for flash usb devices and will fit on many smaller devices than Knoppix will. You could run the script included on the DSL disc and quickly make a bootable DSL device. If your home system can't boot that then I give it very low chance to be able to boot Knoppix. You may learn some things in the process no mater how the test comes out.

05-05-2007, 11:54 PM
Hi Harry, thanks for reply!

Well, I installed it in on a NoName 1GB USB-Stick on the instruction of this site http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/14738
In the end one have to copy the original files from the Knoppix-CD to the USB-Stick. In this way it's not possible to invite hardware-instructions i guess...although it is installed it on a different machine.
In the case i mistake could you please give me a link on install instruction that solve this problem? Would be great.

Booting from CD works fine.

Right, it is possible to type "expert" at the first prompt where to put cheatcodes. But later on there is no chance to use the keyboard.
The board supports booting from USB (Asus K7S8X)


05-06-2007, 08:08 AM
Dear Kaninchenbraten,

just for test, after having booted to your system (from usb) just disconnect your ps/2 keyboard for 5 seconds and re-connect it back. Then try to press your Caps Lock key (do it two - three times), does it work? (if yes your keyboard is at your orders...)

In all case please report back here for reference.

Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

05-07-2007, 11:48 AM
Few disconnection and re-connection of the keyboard doesn't change the problem.

Tried to boot with DSL...no reaction from the bloody keyboard.... :(

*noshing a bunny roast*