View Full Version : Best Knoppix-like Debian?

07-04-2007, 09:45 PM
I use a laptop and like Knoppix a lot. I need a distro to recognize my wifi and, hopefully, my Intel modem. Since it is recommended that we not attempt a hard disk install of Knoppix then what is the best Debian to install to get a similar distro?
Dave :D

Harry Kuhman
07-04-2007, 11:03 PM
The current 5.11 is over a year old, and eas mainly based on etch, which was labeled "unstable" at the time. I Installed a lot of etch then and was very happy with it. Now that etch is considered the stable version of Debian, I expect that my next Debian install will be the new unstable version, as the stable version tends to be too old for a lot of users. However, if it supports your hardware and you don't have other issues with it then you may be happy with etch. One nice thing about Debian, and Linux in general, is that it is rather simple to install different distros and see how they fit your needs. I've done many net installs of Debian just for the experience or to compare different options.

While Knoppix is Debian based, you might find better hardware support with some other distros. I'm not a hugh ubuntu fan myself but a lot of people are switching to it because it tends to support new hardware faster than Debian. And Mandriva is also worth a look if you're shoping for particular hardware support.

07-06-2007, 02:11 AM
Despite the recommendation of not installing Knoppix on the Hard Disk, Knoppix 3.2 was my introduction to Linux on a Laptop and I have been using it until I upgraded to Knoppix 5.1 a couple of weeks ago on the same laptop. I have played with Ubuntu (there are Kubuntu and the Gnome Ubutnu version) they install ok. The more recent versions of Kunbuntu also let you run/test from a CD.

If the WiFi & modem are working with Knoppix running from the CD - then I would take this as an indicator it will also work when installed.

There have been a few things I had to fix, the timezone seemed to be a problem with the Knoppix CD and when I was testing Ubuntu Feisty .

My notes, including fix for timezone, are at http://www.ramin.com.au/linux/slug-bootcamp-19may2007-knoppix.shtml