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07-09-2007, 09:13 PM
I've had the same bug since Knoppix 4 (the 3-series versions were fine). 5.1.1 still has it. I'm curious to know what it is:

1. Sound - as soon as the GUI starts, the speakers make a repeating noise that sounds like "sicka sicka sicka". Usually it changes to something else after a few minutes. If I eventually (see 2) manage to start a terminal window and type "alsaconf", it stops and doesn't start again. Alsaconf reports it's closing lots of examples of process 3600.

2. The mouse pointer lags the mouse movement by a second or so. It is just about possible to click on a particular spot, but ti takes a lot of patience. I've not found a way to sort this, yet.

The machine is a Pentium 600MHz "Coppermine", the sound card is a Creative SB Value (emu10k1), and the mouse is a fairly standard 5-button and scrollwheel optical mouse from Trust. The machine has a SCSI card and two SCSI optical drives (one DVDROM, one CDRW).

If I browse (very slowly!) to KSysGuard, I see four copies of aufsd, six copies of bash, and two of several functions are running - eg pccardd, kio_file, pdflush, xsession.

These two bugs make Knoppix unuseable on the "Linux" PC. Annoyingly, it works just fine on the Windows desktop machine, of course.

Is there a simple command I can type at it to stop this happening?

07-12-2007, 12:02 AM
No suggestions?