View Full Version : WTFont -- or who broke multi-byte support in XMMS?(And how?)

05-29-2003, 04:48 AM
I just can't get to the bottom of this. If I open an ogg on my Knoppix/Debian drive from my SuSE drive, XMMS displays accented characters perfectly. In Knoppix/Debian with the same settings in XMMS, and the same font, the only accent I can see is i with an umlaut! There is no and so on. The characters with and are simply missed out.

I've upgraded XMMS, played about with dfontmgr (sorry, I really can't understand the man page and I don't know what controls which fonts are available to XMMS anyway) all to no avail. It's really begining to annoy me. I suspect that there's some script somewhere controlling this, but where?

Edited: must have been really tired -- I put Gentoo where I meant Debian/Knoppix! :(