View Full Version : One step forward and one step backward - new Xserver bug?

09-16-2008, 09:57 PM
I tried Knoppix 5.1 on my ASUS R2H UMPC. To my suprise, the X works. Autodetected, autoconfiged. But wireless does not. Encouraged and searched that the new kernal will support my wireless card, so I tried Knoppix 5.3.1. Great! wireless auto-detected and configed. But no X! Tried different cheat codes, manually edited xorg.conf, (reported work with arch linux and Ubunto 7.10) no luck. I even copied working xorg.conf from Knoppix 5.1, still won't work. Anyone has any idea?

knoppix 5.1.1: kernal 2.6.19 Xserver 711
knoppix 5.3.1: kernal 2.6.24 Xserver pre-release ??