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01-30-2009, 09:35 AM
hello all,

New to the forum, but have use knoppix life for a while. i ercentkly took the plunge and installed knoppix 5.1 onto my ageing tecra 520cdt, it sports 160mb ram 20gb ATA hd, and DVD drive and a whopping 166mhz MMX CPU :)
the initial research into the ideal distro downloaded in excess of 50 gb, varous tries in ubuntu,kubuntu,xubuntu, VL , redhat/fedora and Suse returned different errors in installs, so i tried the initial choice of Knoppix. why didnt i do this in the start :idea:
anyway the live CD boots up fine, it sees all the kit apart from the 3Com lan card and my aironet Wifi PCMCIA card (have downloaded the PCMCIA-CS for these and the aironet drivers from sourceforge. my quandry is this.
after initial boot up from hard drive it returns that the DMA is turned off (live CD boot showed ON) and screen size was 800x600 (HD boot gives 640x480)
in the inital grub boot where you see all the boot script displays as 800x600, the grub loader choice shows FB800x600 which makes sense, but when the KDM jumps in to run the KDE desktop it reduces to 640x480, where should this be changed? or rather which .conf has this data in it to crank the normal desktop upto a better res?

01-30-2009, 11:55 AM
failing the knoppix root, i assume a debian installation would be better, as i have booted up knoppix 5.1 and 5.3.1 i know the kernel's boot, into the KDE system, i assume debian runs the same kernel / KDE versions so i will try that. although the age of machine i assume would not run the newer Debina distro, what verison would be best? i have successfully run every version from 3.3 upto 5.3.1 of knoppix on the machine