View Full Version : 6 things about knoppix 6.0.1 i wish i'd known yesterday

04-07-2009, 11:20 PM
1 – If you try to install knoppix 6 on your hard drive and installer says no suitable partition available – even after you've set up the two requirements [from its help window] of a 1gb swapfile and a big enough reiserfs partition for knoppix – mine was 8gb – then either ask for a refund and go back to Puppy – or backup and wipe your hard drive and start from scratch with an empty slate – knoppix doesn't seem to like sharing its patch – and then once knoppix is safely installed then shrink its enormous partition, make some more new ones [with puppy gparted on live cd] and re-install your other programmes from backups, put entries in Knoppix /boot/grub/menu.lst and there you are – sadder, wiser, more tired but with a spanking new knoppix

2 – to connect to the net if knoppix doesn't find your wired connection right away – or thinks it's found one which doesn't actually exist – right click on the 2screen icon near the right hand end of the panel – then on <edit connections> and click on <add> - enter address, netmask, and gateway, [clicking <enter> after each one and then your dns entries in that bar and then click on <apply> - if you're still not connected then left click on the 2screens icon and then click on the connection you just added – ???does anyone know how to edit the <ifupdown eth0> connection which knoppix seems to choose by default even when it doesn't work – but this one seems to be locked and can't be changed???

3 – To add new shortcut icons to the panel – right click on one of the existing icons – click on <application launch bar settings> and then on <add item> - in this initial box you can also delete icons you don't want and rearrange the order of the icons

4 –if you want to set up printing – open iceweasel browser and type <localhost:631> in the location bar to bring up the CUPS server screen and then click on <add printer> in the list of options – it's probably best to have your printer switched on at this point so software can recognize it - then work through the dialogues – if your printer make and or model isn't listed see next paragraph

5 – if there's no .ppd file for your particular printer [mine is a canon pixma mp190 multifunction] try a search in google like this <.ppd file for canon pixma mp 190 printer> and then try locating a driver through <linuxprinting.com> or in my case <software.canon-europe.com> - I downloaded the <MP190_debian_drivers.tar > file and after un-tar-ing all the components – could be several layers – install the general and specific printer .deb packages inside – only one extra dependency package needed <libcupsys2> which I got easily through apt-get.

6 – make a cup of really strong coffee – if you've stuck with knoppix6 this far you deserve it - i definitely still think it's worth it-- look forward to seeing other people's lists

04-24-2009, 04:30 PM
I hope the forum moderator doesn't think I'm illegally bumping this thread but it should be sticky (at least temporarily) or maybe on the 'Tips & Tricks' section. I'm not being able to connect to the Internet (with Knoppix) ever since I routed my modem so I'll find out my address, netmask and gateway and have a try.

Hi, johnmd. At first I couldn't connect also, even the default connection apparently having the right settings. The trick is to restart it (only it can't be done through Network Manager).

# /etc/init.d/networking restart

06-29-2009, 11:49 AM
I discovered one (the?) trick to run from HD by accident, in vain trying to boot from a HD partition.

1. Set up everything on a memory stick, including persistent directories.
2. Make a FAT32 partition of suitable size (>1.5 GB) on the harddisk.
3. Copy everything from the memory stick to that partition.
4. Delete (or rename) /knoppix directory on the stick.
5. Boot from it - if necessary through GRUB

Knoppix will look for KNOPPIX directory etc, and run from wherever that is found first. This was how I discovered it: I installed Knoppix to USB harddisk, and booted from that, only to find that Knoppix used the image from the internal harddisk instead!

I'm quite sure GRUB etc can be massaged to boot the harddisk image directly, but for now, I don't take the time to find out about it. Happy to about hear anyone's findings.

As long as there is an image to be found somewhere on the harddisk, Knoppix will NOT load images from other devices! But it must be on a FAT32 partition.

01-03-2010, 08:19 AM
the trick to GParted is after you apply the new map and the drive has been "Moved/Changed" right click the appropriate partition and select "Mount" then run the installer, you get a new option mine was "/dev/sda3" select that and it goes. the swap partition is automatically utilized.by the installer, no need to mount anything else. grub loaded up fine for me at the end of the knoppix install. even picked up the old winxp i moved all the way to the back of the disk, lol.

my only beef so far is the clock thingie, got that fixed with ntpdate, and a little root vi editing.