View Full Version : Knoppix from live USB stick

04-10-2009, 01:44 PM
I always used a knoppix live CD on my windows computer and it worked perfect.
Now I bought myself a bootable USB knoppix 6.0.1 stick, but I can not start it.
My BIOS is in the right sequence ( 1. Removable devices 2. CD drive 3. Hard disk. )

What goes wrong ???

Thanks beforehand for your help


04-19-2009, 03:25 AM
I'm not sure if that's any help? I'm building a bootable Knoppix USB drive, thought I'd get into these forums to learn about it.

04-19-2009, 05:26 AM
I finished setting it up, tried booting on both my laptop and our old desktop.

--Laptop is an "old" Compaq Presario, harddrive died a long time ago and with the new HD came a new 'version' of windows...whatever the cause, I have yet to solve how to boot from USB. Hitting the F12 gets me an attempt to boot from LAN, not a boot list. Try F2? :(

--Desktop is a Dell Inspiron(?) that is VERY old and VERY slow....or should I say was! Knoppix worked perfectly and turned a normally 5 minute long boot session into literally 45 seconds! I'm happy :D