View Full Version : Booting failure of 6.0.1 when 6.0 passes on same machine

05-15-2009, 09:54 AM
I have a recent AMD Phenom 4 core box that won't procgress with the vmlinuz process on the 6.0.1 en CD (and Adriane variant) that boots correctly with the 6.0 en CD. I get the "Loading linux" a trail of "." and the screen blanks, and all activity ceases. Valid sync is still being output. The 6.0.1 disks work with a 901 eeepc and an older AMD single core Athlon. The 6.0 disk doesn't have the kernel config file in /boot, so I can't check for any kernel changes 2.6.28 vs

Also, where is the location of the bug tracking reporting?