View Full Version : Knoppix 6.1 System Tools/Knoppix HD Install does not see hda

06-06-2009, 07:31 PM
I am having problems with the Install. I used the Linux Mag 6.1 Install DVD and launched Knoppix. I then partitioned my disk using the partition editor. here is my HDD

/dev/hda1 83 Linux reiserfs 20 GB
/dev/hda2 unformatted
/dev/hda3 fat 16 my grub partition 2 gb
/dev/hda4 extended partition
/dev/hda5 my linux swap 3 gb
/dev/hda6 unformatted
/dev/hda 7 fat 32 data partition

When I launch the install, it doesn't detect hda1. My only choices are auto and use all disk. I want to install Knoppix on HDA1. I use the grub partition to manage my multiboot system. I don't want to use the whole disk and I am a bit afraid to choose auto.

Why would the install program not recognize hda1? That partition was created and formatted using the Knoppix Disk Partition program. It shows up as being formatted with reiserfs. It is greater than 8gb and my swap is greater than 1 gb. These are the two conditions specified in the installers Help file.

06-29-2009, 10:43 PM
Hi there
I had same problem - see my post to tips and tricks section - six things I wish I'd known yesterday - there's also a reply to my post there which may help you - I had same problem with 6.1 dvd and ended up archiving other distros, installing knoppix to whole hard drive then reducing reiserfs partition and copying other distros back afterwards - then fixing grub - there must be an easier way - hope one day someone will post it - or fix knoppix hd installer if that's where the problem is???
Best wishes, John