View Full Version : How to boot from Knoppix.img??

Canard blanc
06-09-2009, 10:44 PM
Asus Eee 900A PC with a 4GB Asus Phison SSD

Running a LiveCD with Knoppix 5.1 from a USB CD ROM
A 4GB SD card is inserted in the SD slot, and it is recognized in the BIOS.
Want to create a persistent Knoppix disk image on the SD card recognized as: /dev/sda1 USB SCSI HD Partition [vFat] 3900MB

Selected Configure > Create Persistent Knoppix disk image, and went thru the routine prompts, etc.

The operation appeared successfull, and was supposed to remove the LiveCD and let the netbook boot from the SD card, but it does boot.

When I place the SD card on a Windows computer, the SD card contains:
WinZip File

Any sugestions are appreciated.

Thanks for your help!!

06-17-2009, 06:32 PM

i think that the persistant image doesn't have inside the knoppix system, this is why you can't boot from your sd, becouse you have only the disk image!
So, try to do this:

1) Download this file from pendrivelinux.com: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/downloads/fixkp2.exe
2) Run it under windows, it will create a folder called USB-Knoppix
3) move on the folder the iso of your Knoppix
4) Run from that folder fixkp2.bat, it automatically format your flash memory, install knoppix and then make it bootable
5) boot from your sd
6) create the persistant image in another one usb, becouse you can't create the image on the usb from wich you boot
7) copy the image to the usb with the knoppix installation

little tips: if you use the release 6.0.1 you don't need to do the step 6 and 7, becouse it automatically will ask you if you want to create a persistant image on the same usb (this happen to me :) )

Tell me if it work, this is my first help on linux world! :D

ps: sorry for my bad english