View Full Version : chello connect on static ip

06-07-2003, 12:59 AM
Helllo a real newbie here running knoppix 3.2 from a cd until i can figure out how to get the internet working.
the rest i wil figure out later.
As far as i can see my network card is found and working good (broadcasting on dhcp) is the statement in my bootup list

but i do not have dhcp but a fixed ip on a com21 modem
I tried to change the settings of my networkcard with the wizard
to my ip gateway etc and i believe that is working too (i get a done call anyway)
but no activity on my modem leds on the send recieve leds
and no connection to the internet with the browser
it can't find my hostname apearrently
i seem to have to change my hostname somewhere to chello
can someone give me a hand with this ??
are there other chello user with com 21 modem in holland perhaps ?

i,m running from the cd (mayby that is a problem ?)
But i hope to avoid putting knoppix on my hard drive until i have enough knowlegde to get the internet and mail running.

Without internet i do not like to work with linux at all

06-08-2003, 12:51 PM
Yes !!!got it running even from the cd i don,t really know what i have done
i just ran the netcardconfig form the desktop
i must have mixed up a number ;)

so chello on static ip and com 21 modem no problem at all now i read y to install this on my hardrive