View Full Version : Splash screen (login screen) based on KDE isn't loading

06-14-2010, 08:30 AM

since I have problems that occured 2 months ago, I can't see the splash screen, which would allow me to type login and password.

- my laptop is low-end (500Mhz 256MB of RAM and no 3d graphic accelerator).
- Knoppix 6.2 sees me as Knoppix user with all privileges,

When I type "systemsettings" into the console, I'm logged as administrator, where I choosed every possible splash, that won't show to me.

All "rw" pins are being set correctly and still no changes, that is no splash, no miniatures on the desktop (there is no other one).

I tried also any solutions in my other posts without success of solving what's really wrong.

I need that screen to hide my desktop from "curious eyes", cause the xscreensaver is only a additional solution.

Any ideas?

Ps. Be gentle, I'm a newbie still.