View Full Version : Lua OS 0.9

Stefan Reich
09-09-2011, 05:49 PM
Here's a new OS based on Knoppix: Lua OS 0.9 (lua.org).

Lua OS is a new orthogonally persistent operating system for Lua code based on sandboxes and object-oriented IPC. (Or should we rather say: ISC - Inter-Sandbox-Communication.)

The Live-CD

is based on Knoppix
should (should!) run on any standard PC (even older ones)
boots all the way into the Lua OS start-up screen
can be run off the CD without modifying your system
runs happily in 384 MB of main memory (even without swap space). Give it 512 if you're generous.
runs very happily in Oracle VirtualBox
has a sexy female voice (for important announcements). (Yeah, it's just the Knoppix voice samples)

There is also a guide on how to remaster Knoppix/Lua OS.

As you can read on the page, in the compatibility testing I ran across some problems with certain hardware. The graphics problem on the one PC is weird, it's a standard Radeon card as far as I can tell, and Knoppix just displays random bits instead of a desktop. I'll post more info on this in an appropriate place.