View Full Version : USB PORTS LOST on an OLD "knoppix5 HD_INSTALL".Not urgent

10-17-2012, 09:42 PM
USB ports LOST on an OLD VERY_GOOD_French_kaella_Knoppix5.5_HD_INSTALL


I am not very "Knoppix_experienced" but a bit on my "HD_Install_like_the_DVD_option".
I post here because my "problem" (not urgent) seems to have it's place here although not a properly "HD_installation", but an almost "accidented old good" installation.
Moreover it refers to an very old "Knoppix_5" version, "old fashioned" for some people but very good for me yet.
I POSTED ON THE "HD INSTALL FORUM" but I did not remarked the "objectives" of
the two forums...somewhat altogether convenient for my "problem"
I like also Knoppix 7 and the good 6.4.4 one as LIVE Uses.

1-I do'nt know how I lost all "usb config ports" after having gone on a website .
I do'nt remember which one exactly:
I was blocked completely
2- At first the file "portablefirefox.exe" disappeared suddenly from his desktop folder!!!!
3- After a new BOOT I remarked on my desktop many "partitions icons" and other icons (DVD, hub
etc...) EVEN when NOT CONNECTED (after every BOOT ...necessarily good boot!)
Impossible to access all partitions but the "DVD"
4- Having a "Like_DVD_HD_Install" I used "root Midnight commander" to copy the LIVE_DVD's
"FSTAB" files in their analog folders on my "HD_Knoppix partition"

5- Now all goes well but without "USB devices" (all types,printer included).
I can access all my "HD partitions" and the CD/DVD's
I find all this very curious.

6- Surely I may save all my data before a new installation.
I can access my installation by othre means also
NOTHING URGENT because I can use my" Knoppix_HD" ... ALMOST NORMALLY".
7- How to REPAIR this "USB problem"? Something to do with "MTAB file"? "some "Config file"? etc...


I am not often connected on the forum but I come sometimes (at least once a week)
My "bad English" will not help you too much for a good understanding me

Thanks altogether.for your eventual help.