View Full Version : Knoppix start through Grub2 (Grub PC) possible?

01-05-2013, 11:28 PM
As my CD drive doesn't work any more, I am interesting in distro where it would be possible to start and use the ISO directly from Harddisk. The distro has to have KDE4 and if possible Koffice or Calligra (especially words as I am using word processing daily). Is that to find in Knoppix?

What text is to add in /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?
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01-06-2013, 11:29 AM
I would think this is a good case for grub2, if you really insist on running from the ISO. Calligra isn't included in 7.0.5 DVD, but you can install it. LibreOffice is, it might be worth trying for you.

If I were you, I would have used a Poor Man's Install instead of running off the ISO image. You could, for example, create a flash install of the DVD version with a PC with intact drive, let Knoppix setup a persistent store on it, and then copy it all to a harddisk partition. If you then boot from the USB drive, Knoppix will find and use the files on the harddisk een without you instructing it to do.