View Full Version : After image recovery hdd dead. who can help with knoppix?

02-10-2013, 04:40 PM
Hi, I hope anybody can help to my problem? in LInux I know myself unfortunately absolutely not.

prehistory: on the hard drive were 3 NTFS partitions with 2 windows xp's and a data partition. On a partition I have Windows 8 installed.
After Then i first used paragon backup & recovery 2012&]to bring back Windows xp image. Then everything went ok to my knowledge. And then I used my favorite image program driveimage 2002; I do not know if I have reloaded image or not, in any case, the program claim that a table is incorrect (i think it was not the mbr) and it is corrected.

And since than no operating system boot from the disk, even in safe mode, the Windows XP installation CD cancels the intallation, no Imageprogramm CD works more, gparted-live either, not even the knoppix-live-CD (version 7) starts correctly (see picture), not even in his safe other modes.

If i separate the hard drive from the motherboard knoopix boots up. In Win8 i was a short time without virus scanners on the Internet, so it is possible it have a virus. therefore i flashed th bios. the motherboard N68C-S UCC has no battery.

Does anyone know how to save data from my hdd , or at least know how to format so it can be usable again?

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02-11-2013, 07:30 PM
I would have taken the disk out of the computer, moounted it in an external cabinet, and tried to access it from there. If read access is enough, you can try with Knoppix or similar first, but for NTFS file system repair etc, Windows host would be the safest approach IMHO.