View Full Version : I get to 5 then 7.2 complains about not being able to create an xsession-error file

12-31-2014, 05:08 AM

I've got a 32 bit version of 7.2 on a 32 Gb PNY USB stick. No encryption. It was working but has been gathering extras and has been shoved into a few boxes. I don't know what I've done but it's quit. So, I think maybe I can salvage some of my tools from a recent(ish) back up and have already put the system on a USB 3.0 (much faster) but am learning and curious as to why it died what caveats exist in migrating user files ( my tools ). All the debug cheats were tried in order. The last screen seems to dump during the xorg.conf. At least, thats the last contact before a small window says "Xsession; unable to create X session log/error file; aborting". And true there is no xsession-error file. Some version mismatch or dependency problem probably.

I've lurked,searched and bang my head on a couple of keyboards.

It happens on a Acer T3-600 (POS) which also dual boots CAE Linux 2013 and Win 8.1 (not started in a month).
T6120s running 2.77 GHz, 1/2 TB, 4 Gb of DDR3 HDMI and speakers. I do like the USB 3.0 ports though.
It happens on a 2005 Dell e1705 (slightly modded) which triboots xp sp3 pro, Fedora20, and Win7 (required for school).
ugraded to T7600s running 2.33 GHz, 1 TB 4 Gb DDR2 and a Radeon x1400. Hey, it use to spin right up on it.

If any body has a clue. Please, clue me in.
What can I recover safely from the back up?
What directories/files can I swap out from the back up to the PNY to help diagnose the old stick? It is cute and impresses my fans. I fear just copying the entire backup to the new stick. Eventually, the old PNY will be recovered one file at a time until I find the culprit or learn something.