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03-30-2015, 07:19 PM
Good evening

My usb_hdd_knoppix7.2 becomes Read_Only after an error from Libre Office.

It seems to be a problem of "fstab, mtab or similar" and "input-output file-system" from certain messages.

I cannot access others partitions after booting and working with this usb_Hdd I can access and work "normally" when working by "bootfrom_iso" with another knp7.2 disk excepted "DELETING" the libre-office file responsable of the problem.

DELETING IS a real problem (exemple:
I cannot wipe the content of the "recyled_folder"

HOW to make writable my Knoppix_Usb_HDD?

Thanks you all


03-30-2015, 08:34 PM
Hi knp,

I would boot from a Knoppix DVD and open a root terminal. Then I would connect the USB HDD and read the last kernel messages
dmesg |tail -n 40

If there were no errors I would check the filesystem on the USB HDD for errors and try to fix them if any occured.

Then I would try out the mount command and watch if there were any errors.

If there are any issues tell us precisely what you have done.

03-31-2015, 01:07 PM
Thanks you Klaus2008

I shall try your idea NECESSARILY as soon as possible.I was (and I am) in such a hurry that I must have to wait.

Finally, after much hours working for no results, I renamed knoppix_img and replaced it by an almost "fresh" copy.

So I have lost a few files (those in the "home" including the Desktop).

All works fine now ! BUT it's a somewhat bad way to resolve the problem. Your idea seems better (for me) than mine because one may not always have place to save the "image" or may not think to save it (a fortiori RECENTLY!!!!).

I will pursue the discussion in one or two weeks

Thanks you very much ....and think ALL to SAVE... to SAVE !!!!