View Full Version : Prob in hdinstall in Knoppix-3.2 06-06-03

06-25-2003, 06:02 AM
I posted that I was not able to connect to the internet over a dialup line to my ISP with a hd install of Knoppix-3.2 060603 a few days ago. Since, I have continued to troubleshoot this prob, but a few minutes ago a respondent (in another forum) recommended I try running from the Live CD.

I write this to you from the same ver. running off the CD. It connects fine. When installed to the hard disk, though, it's broken, as my previous posts describe.

I notice that /etc/resolv.conflict is now correctly filled in with the dynamic DNS my ISP provides; this is emphatically NOT SO in the hdinstall, where the orig /etc/resolv.conflict was empty, and no corrections in it would bring KPPP, wvdial or pon to connect.

Any hints on how I might fix the hd installed version? Copy which files to the hdinstall?

I quite like Knoppix and running from the hard disk is SO MUCH faster.