View Full Version : Q: persistent home and swapfile on same DOS partition?

06-27-2003, 11:15 PM
1. Is it possible to set up a swapfile and a persistent home
directory on the same DOS partition that Knoppix resides on?
2. Is there a way to persistently store files (for example font files
used by TeXmacs) on the DOS partition?
3. Can I somehow save the line I type to boot Knoppix on my
boot floppy so I won't have to type it in every time?

More details:
I just inherited a very old laptop, an IBM Thinkpad 560E (Pentium
166, 80 Mb RAM, 2 Gb hard drive, no cd-rom, Win 98, only one HD partition : "FAT32" according to Win 98). I copied over the Knoppix
file to C:\Knoppix\ via a direct cable connection, and I made a boot floppy. Knoppix boots after using the following line:
knoppix lang=us xserver=vesa desktop=twm mem=80M \
(1) Knoppix realizes there is only < 80Mb RAM, and tries to make
a swap partition. But then it says:
mount : /dev/hda1 already mounted or /mnt/hda1 busy

Yes, I know about mount, /etc/fstab/, and others. It seems to me
that after knoppix boots from /dev/hda1, /dev/hda1 is somehow
pseudo-mounted so that mkdosswapfile fails with the same
I use the laptop almost exclusively to run TeXmacs, and then I
save the resulting .tm files onto a floppy to transport to another
(2) TeXmacs must generate some files for every font the first time
it uses the font. I would like to persistently save these files.

Yes, I have read the Persistent Home How-To.

Finally, I would like to do this totally within /dev/hda1 if possible.
I realize that I could repartition the disk, but I would also like to
continue using Win 98, and I would like to keep as much of the
hard drive space available to *both* OS's (if at all possible!)

Thanks for any suggestions!