View Full Version : odd problems with belkin pcmcia network card

07-26-2003, 03:46 AM
well I had tried 11 distros and finally I tried Knoppix. The network card worked right from the start. I messed up the /etc/passwd file and had to reformat/reinstall. I use Knoppix-STD, the security tools version. After I reformatted, my card hasn't been working right. It doesnt work when it boots (maybe I need to edit a file to get it to start at boot?). If I unplug it and plug it back in, the lights on the dongle come on but then shut off. I switched network cords to a brand new one straight out of a package, but it still didnt work right. I just kept plugging it in and out and jiggling it around and for now its working. Anyone ever have this problem or know how to fix it? Also, I'de appreciate help on how to make it start at boot (which, oddly, it used to do before I reformatted without me having to edit anything). Thank you for your help.