View Full Version : wlan only sometimes recognized

07-29-2003, 01:11 PM

I have a problem with my wlan-usb-adapter.
(knoppix 3.2 on hd; t-sinus 130 datapack usb-adapter)

sometimes I boot knoppix and knoppix recognize the adapter and I can configure it and it works. if I boot the next time knoppix doesn't recognize it anymore and the device ist gone.
Unforunately knoppix often doesn't recognize it and only sometime it works.
has anybody an idea?
thanks chris

ps.: I don't realy know if the wlanapapter or the usb-device cause the problem.

07-29-2003, 06:37 PM
I had what I believe is a similar problem. If you are using DHCP check the following: Watch your startup and see if the card is being recognized and if knoppix is attempting to get the ip info from DHCP if it is simply a DHCP failure it may mean that you aren't connecting to the access point. That turned out to by my problem, knoppix detected the card fine, but wasn't always able to connect to the access point and DHCP before it timed out. There's not really a solution to this except maybe getting closer to the access point or boosting the antenna.


07-29-2003, 09:28 PM
You should be able to check out the contents of dmesg to see whether or not it is an actual hardware detection problem or a dhcp issue.

You can look at the contents of dmesg either by opening up a shell and typing: dmesg |more

Or if you want a printed copy of the contents, you can open a shell, type dmesg > dmesg.txt and a text version of dmesg's contents should be placed in your home directory.