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07-29-2003, 04:47 PM
Downloaded remastered knoppix for OpenMosix testing.

Seems very nice ,but how the hell can I fix my ip adress in knoppix without DHCP ?

The config is as follows =>
The master (which boots on knoppix cd) has to have a fixed ipadress of with a subnetmask of . (this should give a broadcast adress of ,with on this network only 2 client ip's possible : and ) .
Since in this openmosix version once the ip is fixed the dhcp server starts (also on this master) the only thin to do is to do a connection with crossed cable from the client pc (booting in PXE to this master pc).

To configure this in knoppix I use the provided with it 'netcardconfig'.

When answering 'No' to DHCP these are the questions asked by netcardconfig :


With anything I fill in the result is : can't lookup broadcast

What must I fill in for these values ,or do i have to use ifconfig and do it completely manually ?



Harry Kuhman
07-29-2003, 05:15 PM
You can manually fill them in just fine; I've done it and it works well. What values you need are dependent on your network and what you are connecting to, so I can't just tell you what to use.

I would suggest doing a DHCP boot and then checking what these values are; from there you could bypass dhcp and set them manually (be careful, of course, that you use a valid IP address and not one that dhcp might give out to another system, DHCP will give out addresses from it's pool and could give out the addres you select if you don't take care to select one not in the pool). Perhaps if you posted what you were using someone could point out what you were doing wrong. Some settings, like a bad mask, would be easy to spot, but others (like a bad DNS value) would not. Also, it would be helpful to know your local network configuration and what you are connecting to,

07-29-2003, 06:52 PM
Say some typical networksettings for a simple direct connection between 2 pc's . (for example to use for data transfer)

Harry Kuhman
07-29-2003, 09:05 PM
Say some typical networksettings for a simple direct connection between 2 pc's . (for example to use for data transfer)

If you're saying that you have no Internet connection, no dhcp server and no DNS servers, then I would suggest the following:

IP address: for the Knoppix system
Network mask
Broadcast address:
Default gateway: Doesn't really apply, use the other system IP address to be safe.
Nameservers: again, does not apply, leave blank.

You'll also have to be sure the system you are connecting to has an IP address and the other settings. I suggest using for the IP address, the same mask and broadcast address as above. The last two don't apply again, but point the default gateway on this second system at if you need to configure one. You'll have to reference the computers by their IP addresses rather than by names, but all should work fine.

Harry Kuhman
07-30-2003, 10:24 AM
Rereading your original post I see you need specific addresses for a particular OpenMosix setup. I'm not at all clear why a clustering application would be trying to limit you to two IP addresses, but it seems the IP addresses and related info you posted should have been valid, I'm at a loss to understand why netcardconfig wouldn't accept them. I've set manual values in this way and it has worked fine for me.

08-02-2003, 11:13 AM
Hello Dear,
Just do one thing. Follow these steps very carefully i think it may cause your prob. to be solved properly.

Step 1 Open the terminal window.

Step 2 Type command "netcardconfig" and press enter.

Step 3 After some time you will be prompted whether you want to use DHCP or some like same in a new window. Click on "NO" to this first question.

Step 4 Now It will ask for the IP. type your ip address and click on "O.K".

Step 5 Same way subnet, Default getway and in Getway give the ip of your proxy server. and in DNS give the ip of DNS server. -->You can obtain this from your ISP admin. and Your broadcast ip address that you have to calculate either manualy or by using a S/W called ip caculator.

after entering all the required ip your machine is in n/w and you can access internet.

Long live "Live linux"

09-02-2003, 12:01 AM
tnx for your efforts :lol:

found it ..

Problem resides in cheatcode at boot.

When using the language cheatcode at boot with this knoppix customisation ,you loose the ability to set your ip fix.
Why I don't know :? .
You gotta leave it in german.. :evil: