View Full Version : HCF Modem - how I got it to work (maybe I was just lucky)

08-09-2003, 09:12 AM
First of all - I am not much of a Linux insider - I really only just started. I did the HDD install last night and worked this morning on getting my Connexant HCF Modem up and running. Still I would like to share my experience with you guys - it might just help someone at a later stage.

1) The first obstacle I had to overcome was to mount my Windows :twisted: partition to Knoppix. Why, well I needed to get my Modem to work and so I had to download everything running evil WinXP.

mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /win

did the trick - I don't really know, whether this is the best way of doing it - but it sure did the trick for me.

2) I had to find out what Modem I have - the following site helped


by providing a simple script for analysis. So I figured out that I have a HCF Modem, Vendor 14F1, Device 1085 - whatever that might mean

3) Got the necessary driver from http://www.linuxant.com/drivers/

I downloaded the tar-archive, which was said to be most compatible and of course I also downloaded the installation instructions - why, because I work in Tech Help for a living and I learned what "rtfm" means ;-) I changed the name of the file though, making it "modem.tar" only (as I am too lazy to remember long file names) and then followed the instructions...

1. extract the package with "tar -xzf modem.tar.gz"

2. change to the package directory with "cd hcfpcimodem-{version}"

3. run "make install" from the top of the package directory.
(It says something about "Debian users might need to change the KERNELSRC definition in modules/common.mak first", but that wasn't necessary)

4. run "hcfpciconfig" to complete the installation and configure your modem - well I used the autoconfig

Only one more question (that of where the Kernel resides and they even suggested the right path and things were cool. I am up and running, typing this message and I think it worked great.

So THANKS TO EVERYONE, who helped with their posts and thanks to Mr. Knopper for making Knoppix!