View Full Version : boot flag hdd install script

01-20-2003, 11:39 PM
I may have made a mistake in the boot flag sequence on your install script..

I wasnt' sure whihc to put a boot flag on my microsoft windows partition or my linux partition

I was trying to put knoppix on my linux opartition instead of redhat.. i also have winXp on the same machine...

int eh end knoppix was never able to install.. Every superblock became corrupted... and my windows partition was turned into ext2 : /

All in all i'm havigna fun time re-installing my whoel comp. : X

i just wnated to post to make sure you knew. I'm unsure of if it was a fualt in the script or my fault (I imagine my fault)... but maybe some documentation easily acsessed would help prevent problems like this in the future..

Since it seems that alot of peopel are using knoppix as a 'first' distro.. cuz it's so easy to use. It'll help them to have an easy to fllow guide. I know there was talking about writing one... this could be one of the thinsg to go in the instilation section.