View Full Version : Belkin 5D6020G and debian (knoppix) 3.2- JUST DONT WORK

08-28-2003, 01:10 AM
i am a newbie as you might see.
i am trying to connect a wireless pcmcia card to my ad-hoc network with widoes but i simply am not able to do it.
i am using Belkin 5D6020G and debian (knoppix) 3.2 with a full install to the hd.
i have allready discovered the chip on it using a orinoco driver and i allready have hermes.
eventough, the network doesnt seem to want to work with the other computers.
with lsmod i could see that the drivers are loaded but what i cannot do is to send information out.
in wavemon i can see rx growing but tx goes 0000 all the time.
my ip is as i am in ad-hoc mode. is this correct??
my cardmgr returns open_sock(socket 0) failed: Device or resource busy. another cardmgr is allready running?
wlcardconfig works normally. netcardconfig works normally.
for what i can understand i am not sending anything out.any clues?

10-24-2003, 11:37 PM
This may help.