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01-21-2003, 08:52 AM
OK...I like knoppix and I get it installed and then I use it for awhile and I change some settings such as my wan... then I will be doing some otherstuff such as setting up the nework and so on... but I try to use wine on some programs and the system locks up.. :twisted: :cry: Then I have to reboot my machine and when it is loading it goes through and sais that there are errors on the hard drive and it fixes them and most of the time it gets done and when it tries to load KDE it sais that the $DISPLAY isn't set..???? I looked around for information but I couldn't find anything about how to set it up... and then it just puts me at a shell prompt and I don't have any idea what to do from there I try (startkde) but that doesn't work and I try (startx) and a few other things..... it also tells me that I have to remount the hard drive and reboots.. but I don't know what to do.. I am confused... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! if you think that you can help look me up on MSN - johncarlson21@hotmail.com- or ICQ - 212554643- or just reply to the post...

01-22-2003, 08:23 AM
First, the reason it scans and talks about remounting and rebooting is because the file system was not unmounted properly (It shut down without writing everything correctly). When its cleaning up it may be deleting corrupted files, some that may include your X config files.

After you have cleanly rebooted, and are at a prompt, try using startx, then put the errors you get in this post. Also, from the prompt, you can check the syslog and messages for other errors relating to you starting X. To do this from the prompt, do the following.
For syslog:
more /var/log/syslog
For messages:
more /var/log/messages

Use the space bar to go down one page at a time, enter key to go down one line at a time, 'b' to go back up one page at a time, and 'Cntrl-C' to cancel out.

Add those errors to the post as well.
It sounds like what ever you are trying to do with wine is the problem, I have had lockups when using wine to run programs installed on Win2K, alot of them were do to memory overrun.