View Full Version : HOWTO:Duke Nukem 3D with CD-based Knoppix 3.2

09-01-2003, 09:05 AM
I'm pleased to report that the Linux version of this game works pretty well when running Knoppix from the CD.

You can use the already-compiled binary from the Slackware version of duke3d. I copied the duke3d game folder to a memory stick, then copied just the duke3d executable file into the same folder. To run the game, I open a shell in that folder and type duke3d. You can use the Midnight Commander file manager (mc) to edit the duke3d.cfg file if you need to (other text editors seem to corrupt this file).

Knoppix is great! I really like running it from the CD. I figure a read-only operating system offers the best protection against the viruses and hackers infesting the Internet. Maybe in the future all operating systems will work this way.

I am extremely grateful for Mr. Knopper's contribution to personal computing. Thanks also to the many contributors to this forum -- you've helped me a lot.