View Full Version : Micron TransPort XT

09-10-2003, 06:26 AM
I just thought I'd post that as of Knoppix 2003-09-05, the distro seems to work quite well with my Micron TransPort XT laptop (P-III 850, 128 MB RAM).

It actually worked fairly well with previous releases, but this one works with sound. (Interestingly enough, prior to this, ClusterKnoppix was one of the very few linuxii that would automagically get sound working on that particular machine.)

I'll try and make it a point to test out all the as-yet-untested components and add more detail to my comments here later. This laptop features video out, IR, and all the usual suspects. I'll also try it out with a Cisco wireless PCMCIA NIC at the office just on general principle, but at this point I feel pretty solid about using Knoppix in the field with the laptop. (And *gods* is Knoppix handy in real world network troubleshooting, data recovery, etc.)