View Full Version : 2.1gb enough for hdinstall?

09-13-2003, 03:56 AM
Hello, I want to format my laptop which has no floppy or cdrom drive and install knoppix, ala hdinstall script.

I only have a 2.1gb, 100mb swap, and 720mb KNOPPIXCD partition.

What I'm trying to figure out before I wipe off my Win98 (currently on the 2.1gb) and lock into linux that I can successfully pull this off.

Will knoppix-install allow me to install with only 2.1 gb free?

I have been booting knoppix with loadlin (see end of Docs>hdBasedHowTo for description) and it works well, if a bit slow between the hd swap and hd-based-instead-of-cdrom source image (only 96mb ram and pentium 233)

The reason i'm moving from windows is that my wifi card's drivers for Win98 are abbhorant and freeze or BSOD the system unacceptably often.

09-13-2003, 04:25 AM
Okay, I just asked on IRC and the helpful people there advised that I'd need 2200mb, and 128mb swap...It turns out that I could get that by rearranging the partitions, so thats whats happening now. Wish me luck. This is a long shot!

From the script:

[23:09] <tech2k> # valid partitioning: min. 2.2 GB file system, min. 128 MB swap
[23:09] <tech2k> FSMIN=2200
[23:09] <tech2k> SWAPMIN=128
[23:09] <tech2k> # "no cloop" method requires more space
[23:09] <tech2k> NCLOOPFSMIN=4400