View Full Version : Install medialinux distribution package on knoppixHDinst

09-18-2003, 02:53 AM
first I installed knoppix on my HD, and it work good.
I've download a Knoppix Distribution call MediaLinux...
It is possible to do a apt-cdrom with a Knoppix live cd to install specific package...
When I look to my MediaLinux cd i don't see .deb file but just a big file call Knoppix... how can I extract deb file of this big file.
MediaLinux URL:ftp://ftp.logx.it/mirrors/medialinux/

09-21-2003, 09:43 AM
this file is also a knoppix-cd, but this time an modified version with much multimedia software. you can't 'update' your current system with this software. but you can use apt-get (or synaptic) to download and install the software you want... thats easy, there's an apt-get tutorial on this site, but I can give you some quick help:
to update the by-apt-get-known list of software on the web:

apt-get update
(you can change the list of sites apt-get looks at for software at /etc/apt/sources.list, you can find sources on the official debian website and on www.apt-get.org)
then you can upgrade your software with

apt-get upgrade
or do an extended upgrade (wich will include changed dependency's) with

apt-get dist-upgrade
to install software:

apt-get install [name of program you want to install]
and it will be downloaded, its dependency's will be fixed, and it will be installed.
for an graphical apt-get frontend:

apt-get install synaptic
synaptic is very easy to use. give it a try...

good luck!