View Full Version : knoppix based renderfarm

09-20-2003, 10:35 PM
I've got 2 questions:
1. has anyone been involved into using debian for renderfarm purposes? especially in conjunction with maya
2. i will have to make in the next few days a small cluster (50 computers) that will server as a renderfarm. i've done clustering before and using FAI has been a great experience in making debian based clusters, however this specific cluster will have to act as a renderfarm. with the new knoppix cluster cd, i was thinking if i could keep using debian for this purpose as well (since now, in theory the best option seemed to be red hat + oscar, given oscar's c3, lam, mpich, pbs, pvm, systemimager support included, and maya recommends red hat of course :( ). has anyone used knoppix yet in a somewhat similar environment?
thank you.