View Full Version : Need help with ny RAID controller

09-28-2003, 02:51 PM
Hi all. I had a bad crash and I want to use KNoppix to recover data from a RAID-0 partition that won't boot up anymore.

My problem is that Knoppix does not find the partition, so I have the impression there must be a way to combine the CD with some drivers on a floppy.

I have no idea at all how to do that and would be grateful to a helping soul who takes the time to explain a non-expert like me.

My RAID-controller is a DAWICONTROL DC-100 to which two identical hard disks connect in a RAID-0 formation. Together they constitue one single NTFS-partition. Both disks are correctly found and set up by the controller BIOS, but Knoppix ignores them...

Many thanks to anyone who can tell me how to make Knoppix recognize this partition.