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10-07-2003, 12:15 AM
hey guys ive been trying to do an hd install of knoppix 3.3 but everytime i try to run it tells me that it expected 7 tokens for --checklist and that i only have four. it also says to use --help for more options but that dose nothing. any help will be greatly apreciated

10-14-2003, 03:19 AM
I have just downloaded the 3.3 version and have the same problem (referring to 4 tokens but neeed 7) when I run it as root from ctrl-alt-f1. When I try to run it from a root terminal in KDE, I just get a window with the usage information for Xdialog.

I have used knx-hdinstall before with no problems. I just wanted to see what this one was all about.

Please respond.

Thanks in advance.

10-14-2003, 03:58 AM
After a little more hunting through the boards I found this thread:


which describes the exact problem I think we (and probably many others) are having. Look for the reply from "Fred-Knoppixfr". There seems to be a typo in the script causing this error.

The only explanations I can come up with as to why the script works for some and not others (like us) is that 1: The working script was possibly dloaded seperatly from somewhere other than the CD or
2: based on the nature of the typo described in the thread (< or > 512), the error may happen with people using less than 512M of memory.

I would be intrested to know if those who have sucessfully used knoppix-installer have 512 or more system memory.

Seems like the answer is to modify the script (knoppix-installer) on line 409 and replace the two instances of > with < . I have not tried that yet but "Fred-Knoppixfr" did and it seemed to work for him.