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01-25-2003, 03:53 PM
About a month ago I put my fears aside and started experimenting with Linux. Since then, I have "tried" all CD based distro's I could lay my hands on. From DemoLinux to Antarctica. About two weeks ago I learned about Knoppix and his sister Freeduc. Most impressive and smooth as silk. I now carry a copy of Knoppix 3.1 in my briefcase which goes everywhere with me.

I have also converted at least three (3) Windoze cultists to Knoppix. At least they are in closet, for, at work we all four must contend with Billy Bob's handy works.

I am by all means a newbie to the Linux universe, and worse yet, I have to lead my little rebel pack to salvation too.

Will someone please help us with two recurring issues. One is to get a "wheelmouse" work with knoppix. I have read most posts to this foroum and others (other distros) as well. They all refer to cheat codes which did not work with my system except made the pointer in the GUI freeze, and/or they refer to editing the protocols and "options" and such. Incidentally, SUSE Live eval, recognized it from the get go. Would anyone teach me, an in "layman's" terms, as "how" to edit these protocols? In other words I do go to Konsole but I don't know where to find these files and what to do with them, after I added to or subtracted from them. Two, at the first boot with Knoppix, and I mean the very first boot, my Lexmark E-210 USB printer was recognized and worked beautifully. However, in subsequent boots since then, "CUPS" faults out and will not reach the appropriate server and thus no print and no fun. Thrid, (did I mention two issues?), how do I add realplayer to my system, I do listen to a few overseas radios that are only available in .rm. How do I go about installing anything, be it apps or fonts in Linux? Incidentally, is there a cheat for mediplayer broadcast in Linux? I am not interested in WMA, but the radiocast only.

Any and all help will be much appreciated.
Ye' all live long and prosper, ye' hear?