View Full Version : Sync Sharp Zaurus SL-C760 to Knoppix with TCP/IP via USB

10-09-2003, 07:23 PM
The Sharp Zaurus SL-C760 can talk TCP/IP to Knoppix via USB. This means I can go to anyone's PC, boot from a Knoppix LiveCD, insmod one file from a floppy (or the network) and then set up TCP/IP via USB to the Zaurus, all without having to mess with the host PC's drivers or even touch its hard drive.

Here's what I did:

0) Boot Knoppix, open a root shell. (I used Knoppix 3.3 2003-09-24, but most recent versions should work)

1) Download and unpack http://home.earthlink.net/~cocoadev/usbnet-standalone.tar.gz

2) Apply this diff to usbnet.c:

> static const struct driver_info zaurus_slc760_info = {
> /* Japanese C760 ~= US SL-C760 */
> .description = "Sharp Zaurus SL-C760",
> .flags = FLAG_FRAMING_Z,
> .check_connect = always_connected,
> .tx_fixup = zaurus_tx_fixup,
> .in = 1, .out = 2,
> .epsize = 64,
> };
> }, {
> .idVendor = 0x04DD,
> .idProduct = 0x9031,
> .bInterfaceClass = 0x02,
> .bInterfaceSubClass = 0x0a,
> .bInterfaceProtocol = 0x00,
> .driver_info = (unsigned long) &zaurus_slc760_info,

3) make (might need to adjust LINUX_DIR in Makefile first)
4) insmod ./usbnet.o
5) ifconfig usb0
6) ping
7) mount // /mnt/test

... and now Knoppix should be able to browse the Z's filesystem at /mnt/test, or telnet into the Z at, whatever. If you want the Z to have full internet access using the Knoppix PC as a gateway, then you'll have to set up routing and NAT.

I saved usbnet.o to a floppy so I can skip steps 1-3 in the future. Should probably put a script on the floppy to automate the insmod/ifconfig/mount steps too. If I was really ambitious I'd remaster the Knoppix CD so it would just boot with the custom usbnet.o already loaded. But I would expect this to make it into the mainstream soon enough anyway, there will probably be a future Knoppix release that supports usbnet to the C760 right out of the box.

10-09-2003, 08:44 PM
Did you get this through dynamism? How do you like it?

10-09-2003, 09:27 PM
Did you get this through dynamism? How do you like it?

Yes, Dynamism (http://www.dynamism.com/zaurus7xx/index.shtml) loaned me a C760 for review. I'll post a link when the review is ready in a few weeks, but so far in general I like it a lot.

10-10-2003, 01:27 AM
... but so far in general I like it a lot.

I bet you do!!! Thanks for the tip. Wish I had one :-(

11-10-2003, 07:50 AM
so how did you get the Zaurus to sync with Knoppix? It looks like you just got networking going but sync'ing means synchronizing the PIM applications with something on the desktop. What applications where you able to synchronized data with? Kaddressbook? KOrganizer?

09-28-2004, 03:54 PM
I can ping my Zaurus (SL-A300) but when I try to mount the file system it asks for password ! Not sure what should I be entering here