View Full Version : Accessing Persistent Storage after Booting into Knoppix?

10-13-2003, 08:03 PM
IS it possible to access persistent storage device (.knoppix.img) after booting into Knoppix?

I am not able to use my Sony Microvault 128MB USB with Knoppix. It mounts only as:


I have to type:

mount /dev/sda /mnt/(whatever)

I would like to make my Sony Microvault as the persistent storage!!! Please address this issue fast. I have bought it after spending a lot of money.

I made my Hard Disk as the persistent storage. Then I copied the .knoppix.img file onto the Sony Microvault. At boot up time, I typed, knoppix home=/dev/sda. It accesses the file and asks me for the password (I am using Knoppix-MIB). After entering the password, it gives an error saying that /dev/sda does not exist, or something like that. Is there a way I can give a specified mount directory on boot up to make it work? Also can I see the contents of .knoppix.img file after I have booted into Knoppix. Because then I am able to mount the Sony Microvault successfully. I hope you look into this matter ASAP.

This issue has already been brought up by another Knoppix user.
The link is: