View Full Version : Creating a floppy disk after hdd installation!

10-25-2003, 09:24 PM
Hey guys!

First of all I have to say Knoppix rocks! I am really fasinated by it! I have a question about hdd installation. I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop. I have a 30GB hard drive. I have 3 partitions on my hd. First one is the Dell Recovery parition. I did not touch that because, well... I can't think of any reason but I don't want to remove it. I have a 20GB C: parition for WinXP Pro and a the rest of my hd (about 8.5) for Knoppix. I have succesfuly installed Knoppix on my hard drive. Here's my question! Since my computer is a Laptop I did not have a floppy drive to create a bootable disk. Is it possible to boot my computer with Knoppix CD and make a bootable floppy disk? (I have to get a USB floppy drive from my friend!)
The reason I want to do this is to be able to have both WinXP and Knoppix Linux on my computer and be able to choose which one to boot my computer from on the startup. So my second question is how can I have both of them (XP and Knoppix) on my computer and be able to start my computer with them?

Thanks you.