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11-12-2003, 08:59 AM
Hello i need some help.

My soundcards name is Altec Lansing and I need to now how to install it, I have tried soundcard cofiguration (doesnt work), Knoppix alsa (doesnt work).. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Johan :roll:

11-12-2003, 09:25 AM
Have you done an apt-get or kpackager update ? if so then isue may be that they (debian) have apparently moved lspci from /sbin to /bin what I did was go into the alsa-autoconfig script and change both instances of /sbin/lspci to /bin/pci and it fixed everything here. card is now beeing seen and configured properly by that script. However I am kinda new to linux so you might want to ask around a bit before applying this fix all I know is that after a full update / upgrade with a fresh install from the 3.3 (v9/?/03) cd I had no sound until applying this fix on a sb audigy2 (at least thats what mandrake called it) mp3+ is the actual card any way hop this helps I didnt look to see how heavily the knoppix-autoconfig uses the lspci function but based on what I have seen here they will probably want to look into this in l8r revisions?
If this is not a good idea to change that script as I have please anyone chime in here!