View Full Version : LiveCD 3.3 boot fails with "drive not ready for command

11-16-2003, 02:04 PM
I downloaded and burned the new Knoppix 3.3 LiveCD (11-03-03).
The md5 checksum was OK.

The CD boots ok, but after i get the penguin graphic in the upper left
of my screen, I get these errors about "hde: drive not ready for
command" and "hdf: drive not ready for command"

hde and hdf are my two physical hard disks, which are on a Promise TX133
controller card, neither drive is a boot drive.

I have Knoppix 3.2 also, and it boots just fine.

So what could be the issue with 3.3?

I have tried some of the cheatcode kernel options, like failsafe, but it
always stops booting after the above errors.