View Full Version : move Knoppix to the hard drive problems cfdisk fatal error

11-21-2003, 04:51 PM
yeah. lets say for example, I wanted to copy knoppix to the hard drive, and run and boot it from there,

how would I do that exactally?

someone said there is a script to do so on the Knoppix CD, where is that at?

say for instance, I wanted to use my existing partition
/dev/hda3 (13 gig) for my Linux root
/dev/hda5 (1.3 mb) for my Linux swap

how would I format these partitions (currently they have redhat on them) how would I format these partitions and put Knoppix on them instead?

I tried to use cfdisk in Knoppix, but it gave me an eror
"fatan error, Cannot Open DIsk Drive"
the hard drive is set to 'read only" I guess, so how would I disable
this to format my partitions? I want to keep the partitions the same,
just format them and put Knoppix on them is what I'm trying to do

hda3 is where I want Linux native to be, and hda5 as my swap partition.

I noticed that knoppix won't swap to hard disk unless it finds a DOS partition, why is this? can't I just put it in my already existing ext3 partition? I don't mind formatting the partitions, fact I want to to get the redhat off there, but then how do I put knoppix on there instead? I don't see no script to do this,
other then saving desktop settings to hard drive, and that will only save to a DOS partition, which sucks actually.

(not sure what hda4 is, I know hda2 is my /boot partition for redhat, which I probably don't need in knoppix) and
hda1 is an NTFS partition and I don't want to put it there, want to leave
that alone basically. I'll probably have to put LILO in hda2 and put LILO in my MBR.

so how would I do this exactally?
so far I am yet to see a script on how to do this.
why doesn't knoppix come with this on the CD? since so many people
ask to do this. would only make sense.

11-21-2003, 05:19 PM
nevermind :)

at a terminal, I typed


it didn't say anywhere to do that, I just sorta figured it out on my
own I guess. it detected both my hda3 and 5 partitions and automatically used them accordingly, and then formatted them.
very nice I like it :)

only question I have now is,

can I put Gnome on here instead? I like Gnome so much better then KDE

and can I use Grub instead of LILO? Grub has more options then LILO