View Full Version : Lockup on Mnt Atempted Access

11-24-2003, 07:17 PM
I've a dell Latitude CPi (a 266 P2 64mb mem with a 512m swap), and I have a problem

(btw, I'm also a linux n00b... just to forewarn)

As above stated, I've a dell laptop, and have recently tried networking (AND IT WORKED!!!)

but now i've a new and/or different problem... I can't access the Mnt file without the dell locking up... I tried with similar results to access it from a WinXP machine (the folder used to browse to it would lock up, and the entire start menu/taskbar'd disappear)

(it'd reload after several seconds, but it was kind of obvious that it didn't like it)

any ideas what's wrong? hints? cheat codes? Sledge Hammers?