View Full Version : Apt alternate servers?

11-29-2003, 01:16 AM
I can't find the knoppix default repository people.debian.org for some reason (maybe something to do with Debian being cracked?). I'm wondering if anyone knows any alternate sites -- preferably sites that won't break anything in Knoppix. ;)

11-29-2003, 11:37 AM
You can adapt your /etc/apt/sources.list and use one of the many mirrors (http://www.debian.org/mirror/list).

11-30-2003, 07:36 PM
I have the same problem, except when I remove people.debian.org from sources.list apt-get still requests info from people.debian.org. I am wondering if there are any special steps necessary to change sources.list?

11-30-2003, 11:36 PM
same thing myself, but what I have done (at least for now) ..

no need to eb hasty and REMOVE the references to people.debian.org, I'm hoping they'll come back up so I just commented them out

ran apt-get update again which goes through fine, but I am bumming until these people sites come back up

12-02-2003, 05:12 PM
I also commented them out.

Running "apt-get update" worked like a charm for me, capt_obvious.