View Full Version : tip: how not lost desktop partition icons after hd-install

02-05-2003, 08:37 AM
Copy the file /usr/local/lib/knx-hinstall to home directory:

$ cp /usr/local/lib/knx-hinstall /ramdisk/home/knoppix

Open the file using your preferred editor

Look for this line:

echo "#" $dev $mnt $x >>$TR/etc/fstab

Remove the "#":

echo $dev $mnt $x >>$TR/etc/fstab

Add this lines at any place next to the end of the file:

cp -f /ramdisk/home/knoppix/Desktop/h* $TR/home/knoppix/Desktop/
cp -f /ramdisk/home/knoppix/Desktop/s* $TR/home/knoppix/Desktop/

Login as root (or open the root-shell) and execute the edited knx-hdinstall:

# /ramdisk/home/knoppix/./knx-hdinstall