View Full Version : Knoppix and ADSL

John Richards
12-15-2003, 10:01 AM
Has anyone had any luck with an ADSL modem and Knoppix? If so, which modem? There seems to be very few ADSL modems that work with Linux at all. Any good sources?

John Richards

12-15-2003, 01:51 PM
I've got an external Alcatel ethernet-attached SpeedTouch which works like a charm with any OS which has pppoe. With knoppix, just run "sudo pppoeconf" - there's also an entry for this in the KNOPPIX menu somewhere.

Now if you have an internal or USB adapter, sorry I cannot tell. I would like to know about the USB SpeedTouch though, since it's very common here.I seem to recall that the SourceForge hosted driver is supposedly included in kernel 2.4.22, but I am not sure it suffices. This post (http://david.abdelli.free.fr/speedtouch/en/) looks promising, though...

John Richards
12-16-2003, 09:24 AM
Very interesting.

I spent the best part of yesterday afternoon trawling the net to try to find an ADSL modem that was Linux compatible. I found a few listed as such - in theory. But no-one seems to actually stock them. The only ones I could find were like yours, ethernet attached.

This is a pretty poor state of affairs. It makes one realise just how far Linux still has to go to be anywhere near competing with Microsoft - sadly.

I have today opened an ADSL account with my ISP - but it will have to be used through Windows.

John Richards

12-16-2003, 10:22 AM
Are ethernet-attached modems significantly more expensive than USB/PCI?
I've never regretted buying mine - served me fine under win32, linux, FreeBsd, BeoS.
Al it takes is an implementation of the pppoe protocol, whereas direct HW
support requires USB + a specific chipset drivers. Also, if you decide to grow
a home network and share your high-speed connection, it is much less hassle
to do so by hooking a cheap router to your ethernet modem.

Anyway, which model did you choose? If it is provided by your ISP they
may have drivers for it or you could ask on their support newsgroup, where
someone is likely to have tried.

At least you'll be able to enjoy speedy knoppix downloads in the future ;-)