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12-17-2003, 07:20 PM
I installed knoppix 3.3 to my hd no problem. While attempting to get OTRS (a helpdesk app) running, I have run into the problem of using or modifying smail (the default knoppix/debian mail agent). Is smail actually sendmail or a different mail agent all together? Anyway, I found it impossible to get it to route mail too and from my exchange server. I was able to install sendmail from source, and I had it talking to my exchange server for a little while, but it still had problems with it not being the default mail agent, causing me to wipe the machine.

I'm hoping to find a mail agent that is simple to install and use, but most importantly, when a system message about, say, cron, or OTRS, or Big Brother, attempts to send a mail message to root, that the new mail agent takes over and routes the mail, rather than smail doing it. I would have liked to have done a dpkg -i sendmail, but that service is unavailable from debian.org right now. I don't know if wrestling with sendmail is even worth the hassle and I'm hoping someone else has had this problem and knows an easy solution.

The more info about exactly where to get the mail program, commands issued to modify the new mail app, and maybe even config examples on how to get it to 'take over' as the default mail app, the better. Also, if you got the other mail app to work with MS Exchange, I'd really appreciate it!! :D :D

12-23-2003, 12:01 AM
I was able to get smail to do what I needed it to do by, um, ah, heh, reading the manual (man smail). It took a little poking but I edited the config, as well as the routers files in /etc/smail.
Most importantly I had to add the IP address of our exchange server into the 'routers' file:

driver=smarthost, transport=smtp;

And I also made these changes to the config file:


Big Brother works fine now and it's able to email me 'red' events.