View Full Version : Linksys Wireless prob after hd install

02-07-2003, 03:18 AM
I'm having difficulty getting my Linksys wireless WPC11 working after the HD-Install.

1. It works fine (and automatically) if I boot from CD. :D
2. If I boot from the HD, the eth1 (Linksys) is never started. :( In the boot messages, I seem to get a cryptic message abour an error in a config file for PCMCIA. However, the boot messages seem to scroll so fast that I can't read them.
3. I don't know enough about the command line to fix this!! :?
4. Couldn't find a GUI utility (lazy way) to help.

Compaq Presario laptop 256 Mb with 16 Mb of the shared memory for video
1 fast ethernet port on the back (Realnet) seems to be eth0
1 Linksys in the PCMCIA slot seems to be eth1
Knoppix release from Jan 30,2003 installed on the HD.

Linksys setup:
WEP enabled 128 bit encryption
non-advertised SSID (I don't understand how the CD boot connects to my wireless router :?: )

Any Ideas?????