View Full Version : New to GNU/Linux, but installed Knoppix Easily

12-28-2003, 11:02 PM
I'm completely new to GNU/Linux, and the other day, I downloaded the ISO of Knoppix. After booting it up, and playing around in linux, I decided to install it to my hard drive today. (dual boot with Windows XP Pro). I just wanted to let you guys know how I did it, and how easy it was, just so if there are any other new people like me out there, they might get some benefit

1. first, I used Partition Magic 8.0 to make a 5 gb ext3 partition and a 1 gb swap partion (both at the end of my hard drive of course, because windows likes to keep it's partition as #1 I have noticed) .***note: don't set your ext3 partition to active yet, only do so when you want to boot linux for the first time. this way, you can boot windows until you are sure you are ready

2. I then installed knoppix using the knx-hdinstall method, and followed all the prompts, and it detected my partitions I had made for the linux installation in windows with PM 8.0. ***note: it asks you if you want LILO in the mbr, just say no, so that way later you can have the ext3 partition as active, and just boot from that. I suggest not messing with the windows ntfs partition, as windows doesn't like to play well with others.

3. well, when it's all done, and your computer reboots (don't leave the cd in the drive), XP should boot right up. Now, you can go into Partition Magic, set the ext3 partition to active, make sure to unhide the now unactive ntfs partition, reboot, and there ya go. no problemo.

4. now that you have a nice full linux system up and running, continue to try and learn all the commands! (trust me, I'm trying... I'm used to DOS/Windows, so this may take a while.)

I hope that helps some people out. I have a feeling I may have left some little stuff out, so please ask some questions.

12-28-2003, 11:24 PM
Glad to hear it! I used a different procedure (detailed in a HOWTO in this forum) to get my computer dual-booting XP and Knoppix a while back, and now my system is more ofr less fully Debian... it's addictive.

Thanks for posting your positive experience, and do like I do- if a friend shows an interest in linux, direct them to Knoppix as the gateway drug of choice. :wink: